2011 Food & Drink Styling Roundup, Pt. 8


I have quite the sample platter lined up for you today ... hope you brought your appetite! On today's menu we have ...

A simple breakfast of cereal with milk

A lovely smoked turkey and andouille glop with dumplings

A spot of Reese's Klondike bar, smothered in whipped cream ...
... just 'cause!

A "Clean-out-the-fridge" kinda meal: sloppy joe's on toast with
turkey glop and Brussels

A hearty pot roast and noodles with onion, mushroom
and carrot gravy

Some chicken and rice glop with a simple
salt and peppered tomato with Balsamic garnish

A most decadent chocolate tart

Our Thanksgiving feast: smoked turkey, bread crumb stuffing with
mushroom gravy and Brussels, sauteed in butter, onions ...
... and bacon!

Here are those Brussels again, in preparation stage

And finally, a couple o' pulled pork sammiches

(Click thumbnails above for larger image)

I do hope you've enjoyed today's collection of culinary delights. Now, grab thy camera, get thee to thy kitchen and get down with your epicurean self!

Gareth — The Celtic Camera Photography

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A.Barlow said...

Man... I was slightly hungry before. But damn those sprouts!

JimmyD said...

One word...Yummy!

toadhollowphoto.com said...

Every time you do up one of these posts I gain 10 pounds. GREAT shots here, Gareth!

Denham Photography said...

I made the mistake of looking at this post at the end of the work day, Gareth. Now I'm freakin' hungry. Man you make this food look good. Great stuff!