2011 Food & Drink Styling Roundup, Pt. 3


Welcome to another edition of "The Celtic Camera" food blogging, presented for your Epicurean pleasure. Hope you're hungry!

On the menu today we have:

Fried chicken, red beans and rice (leftovers)

Fried chicken, red beans and rice and biscuits

Curry chicken with rice

Baked beans with sausage and bacon

Barbecue ribs with sausage, rice and white cheddar stuffed red bell peppers

Pulled lamb shanks with baked potato, gravy and bread (for sopping, of course)

Wild black berries (from our backyard, which have since ripened and are becoming a pie tonight)

Pan-fried liver and onions with bacon, rice and peas

Chipotle salmon with buttered noodles and spinach

Cherry pie a la mode

"The BIG salad"

Pita chips (at the bottom of the bag and presented as an oil painting)

Pot roast with onions, carrots, potatoes and bread

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Gareth — The Celtic Camera Photography

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JimmyD said...

I'll have the Big Salad please! WOW, I am hungry now and I'm a sucker for red beans and rice, as well as many other tasty treats displayed!

toadhollowphoto.com said...

I think I put on 20 pounds just looking at today's post! Awesome shots here, Gareth, you've really made food become art!

Kesia Hosking said...

Mouthwatering pictures... I'm hungry now =)