2011 Food & Drink Styling Roundup, Pt. 2

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Mmm, boy ... we do love us some food here at The Celtic Camera headquarters, and there are some tasty items on the menu today:

Beef burritos and Spanish rice
Deep fried chicken wrap and Texas bean salad
Ham and 5 bean glop (that's "stew" to most folks)
Country ribs, Brussels sprouts with caramelized onions and baked tater

And for drinks (top to bottom) we have a little Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter, coffee, Bell's Porter and then I fly solo with a little Jameson Irish Whiskey. And yes, that's a real Jameson barrel.


Gareth — The Celtic Camera Photography

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JimmyD said...

Yummy! The food looks good enough to eat!

Håkan Dahlström said...

Well, that made me hungry. And thirsty. Great shots.

Jose Martinez said...

Great post Gareth, cheers!

David Kelly said...

Looking at this at 9am here in the UK it's done its stuff - I'm hungry (though I'll skip the brussels if you don't mind!)

Couldn't argue too much with your choice of whiskey though I'd prefer Bushmills seeing as it's my local 'Norn Iron' (aka Northern Ireland) distillery. Now if we only had smell-o-vision on the internet to check out the wonderful bouquet of that Jameson barrel :-)