Architectural Self-Indulgence

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Tripod-mounted Canon 20D; Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 USM lens @ 18mm; Aperture Priority Mode; 1/1250s; f/7.1; ISO 400; Pattern metering


One can almost hear the, "Ooo's," and "Aah's" from the ribbon-cutting ceremony ... from the passersby and tourists visiting the fair city. Rest assured, the architect involved in this one surely hears them to this day (or took them to his grave), his heart and mind swelling with pride from all the adulation ... along with a sense of self-importance. It's the way of these folks.

I can guarantee that most of the folks who have to work in this building hate it. It's a perfect example of form over function.

You know what I hear? Not the "Ooo's," and "Aah's." I hear the carpet installers, swearing a blue-streak as they search in vain for a right angle. I hear the frustrations in the workers as they rack their brains to figure out a workable configuration for their offices — assuming they weren't subjected to a "Committee" who decided it for them — and are now struggling with their daily work. I hear grumbling from folks who have to walk to the middle of the building just to access the upper floors.

And the chances are good that the "Designer" of this won an award or two, most likely for "Artful Innovation."

I will grant that, aesthetically, it's a much more ... interesting view then the steel and glass monolith's that became popular from the '60's on, but I know that "Old-School" architecture produced gorgeous looking structures on the outside and functionality on the inside.

This is nothing more then a monument to an ego.

Can you tell I have some strong views on architecture? ☺

View from Google maps here.

"Bilbo Medley" from the 1999 album Live In America by Par Lindh Project
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Gareth — The Celtic Camera Photography

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Kerri said...

Hmmmmm -I can defintely see where it could create problems.
But it sure makes for a nice image :)