Repressed Memories of Unique Mechanism

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The mountains they are silent
Of noises that strive to tear
Be in me as the eternal moods
Made up of loveliness alone
We are not many
This shot — taken at the Lincoln Park Conservatory in Chicago — was hand held at 1/2 second to achieve the motion blur in the water. Yes, I had my image stabilizer turned on! I created three new images from the original at bracketed "exposure" settings and then tone mapped for an HDR effect.

Canon 20D; Canon EF 70-200m f/2.8 L IS USM Telephoto Zoom Lens; Shutter Priority Mode; 1/2s @ f/9.0; ISO 100.

"Hang On To A Dream" from the 1971 album Elegy by The Nice
(STREAM: Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio)

Gareth — The Celtic Camera Photography

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Royce Bair said...

1/2 second hand-held is pretty amazing, even for IS !!!