"Catharsis" by Strange Land - Photography by Gareth Glynn Ash "The Celtic Camera Photography"

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I'm very pleased to present my latest album collaboration, "Catharsis" by Strange Land.

Cover concept and art by Strange Land, Gareth Glynn Ash and Marco Anthony Velasquez III
All photography by Gareth Glynn Ash (The Celtic Camera Photography)
Logo design by Marco Anthony Velasquez III (mavartworx.deviantart.com) and Strange Land
Layout and Design by Sean Gill
Track List:
1. Prodigo Cras
2. The Men Who Spent Tomorrow
3. Asinine (Nothing Better)
4. Soul Made Still
5. One Drop of Water
6. Ebb
7. I - Overture
8. II - 100 Years of Solitude
9. III - Evolve
10. IV - Doubt
11. V - The Malcontent
12. VI - Doubt (Reprise)
13. VII - Brainchild

I'd like to thank the boys of Strange Land: Chad Novell, Brad Klotz and Sean Gill for being absolute joys to work with and for their trust, faith and encouragement. This really is a great album. If you're a fan of Prog-Metal and stellar musicianship, you really need to add "Catharsis" to your collection. You can pick up your copy right here.

I'd be tickled pink if you could take a look at the full-sized photos in the gallery at the following link:

PORTFOLIO: CD Album Artwork: "Catharsis" by Strange Land

(...And go buy the album! ;-)

Gareth — The Celtic Camera Photography


Ken Fagan said...

Nice work Gareth, credit to you and everyone. I love the cover!

guitarsean said...

Thank you Gareth!

Rockerchic said...

I love it!

Synthetic Tone said...

nice cover art... like the color work and the surreal feel